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Got Soap or Chemicals

Good day this is the first of many of my Soap Blogs. Today let's talk about Soap versus Beauty Bars. Did you know that in order for a company to put the word SOAP on their bar, it has to have a certain set of ingredients that have specific cleaning properties? In the USA, soap is regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. They say when you combine oils, fats and lye you make Soap. But the report also said that any Soap that makes claims such as makes the skin soft, makes your skin look younger, and etc. is considered a cosmetic and can't be labeled as Soap.

But what I found is that a lot of the shelves in stores contain Beauty Bars. And guess what? These are not soaps, but just detergents for your skin. That being said, do your homework and stop slathering chemicals on your skin.

Here is a link to more information and what I used as a source of information in regards to this Blog, "Soap versus chemical".

Hope this helps

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